With profound partnership in and outside the UK, we are offering 2+1 Programmes & Pre-University Programmes for students who are targeting on top universities, bringing them exceptional opportunities to receive authentic British education from top-quality academic staff and experts and to get fully prepared for what is in store for them in the future. 



Our 2+1 Programme is an international A-Level curriculum which lasts for a total of three years, with the first two years completed in China and the third in the UK.

In the first year students would study 5 iGCSEs and take the iGCSE exams in China; In the second year students would study 3 AS levels and also sit the examinations in China; In the third year students would study 3 A2 levels and sit their examinations in the UK.

The purpose of doing the third year in the UK is to significantly improve their chances of getting into a top university by doing detailed university-targeted preparation. And they would also focus on completing a portfolio of projects which will demonstrate their additional skills.

The programmes will particularly focus on getting students into the top UK universities, such as Oxford University and Cambridge University as well as other of the top 10 universities such as LSE, UCL, Imperial College and the other most well-respected UK universities. In particular, the Oxford and Cambridge application process requires high performance in interview. So our UK team is especially trained to prepare students to do well in interviews and to thrive in situations where they are out of their comfort zones.



With students who may have already done their A-Levels and hope to get fully prepared for university application so could have a better chance of getting into one of the top universities, we offer the third year of the 2+1 Programmes in the UK separately. During the one-year intensive immersion and preparation, students would significantly improve in their level of English as well as in other aspects that universities would value.