We have partnership with many reputable schools and colleges in the UK, and could offer a wide range of choices for students hoping to study in the UK. Along with our years’ of experience in A-Level/(i)GCSE, we are experts in customising ideal solutions for overseas parents who want their children to benefit from the advantages and prestige that British education can bring. 

Thanks to our vast partnership within the UK, students can start their journey of A-Level/(i)GCSE any month of the year they want which makes it truly flexible. And the length of A-Level/(i)GCSE programmes also totally depends on our students’ level and progress, from a typical long-term programme to a customised fast-track programme. Besides, our partner colleges offer a broad range of subjects for students to choose depending on their educational background and future plans. We can usually accommodate any combination a student selects and teachers for our programmes have remarkable expertise and offer high levels of individual support and enhanced learning opportunity.



Here in the UK, every year we see young international students who encounter all sorts of problems and could not deal with them, be it academic or personal, for a series of reasons – homesickness, culture shock, language barrier, failure to integrate into British society and academic stress, etc.. Whatever it is, it could lead to serious results if unattended.

At CAIE, taking advantage of our origin and connection in the UK, we could offer our students the Extra-Responsible Services on request during their whole study period . This means we are not only responsible for the application process of the A-Level/(i)GCSE Programmes before students come to the UK, but our service continues in the UK until they are ready enough for their student life abroad.

Below is a simple introduction of our Extra-Responsible Services.


BEFORE their A-Level/(i)GCSE Programmes starts:

1. Customised college visits in the UK can be arranged, so parents and students will know more about the college and get used to the academic environment. Even before application of A-Level/(i)GCSE Programmes, college visits can be arranged to help parents make wiser choices.

2. Customised short-term A-Level/(i)GCSE Programmes or Experiencing Programmes can be arranged, so students will have a taste of the life and culture and improve their level of English to get better prepared. And a buddy in the programmed would be introduced who will guide and help our students, so they will already have friendship and social network here in the UK when they arrive again for the long-term programme.

3. Other personal/academic services can also be customised.


AFTER their A-Level/(i)GCSE Programmes starts:

1. A responsible and qualified guardian will be carefully selected to ensure our students’ welfare needs are taken care of. And the guardian would keep in touch with our parents on a regular basis. So parents at home could know more about the students’ life and, more importantly, their academic progress. We believe this is essential especially for students enrolling in A-Level/(i)GCSE Programmes, because they are under 18 (mostly under 15 for (i)GCSE Programmes) and are normally not mature and responsible enough especially in a foreign context.

2. An experienced and professional advisor will be available to discuss and deal with any academic issue. Since most of the youngsters find learning abroad difficult and could easily get stuck, we will offer extra one-on-one tutorials on subjects students find hard, or tutorials on English if necessary. 

More than that, with our knowledge of the British Education System, we will help the students make wiser choices on important academic issues like selecting subjects for A-Level/(i)GCSE examinations or applying for universities.

3. Other personal/academic services can also be customised.