Authentic Online Resources for A-Level & (i)GCSE

Being professional for years in British education, we have developed a database containing essential knowledge and useful points about A-Level & (i)GCSE. Various forms of information could be found, including master classes, which could greatly help students and teachers.

At CAIE, we offer free online resource developed by students consisting of high-quality revision notes designed specifically for the CIE syllabi for 14 different subjects across iGCSE, AS and A2. The content was written by students as they prepared for their own examinations resulting in very useful material for all students completing examinations. The notes are well designed and kept up to date to the latest syllabuses.

Also, we provide our students with high-quality masterclasses, which comprise of Cambridge graduate and undergraduate students working through past paper questions, providing tips and insights into how to approach questions and complete it most efficiently. 

Furthermore, a new set of Supervision Sessions, which permitted tutors to do deep dives into specific topics of the syllabus. This involved students in the building to ask questions and allowed the tutor to steer through the whole syllabus in a week, providing an extremely useful resource for students approaching final examinations.

All these resources will become the foundation of a free online community made up of students who will then be able to discuss and help each other with their studies.