At CAIE, we know that all children are different and cater for all tastes, from the more varied Multi-Activity Courses to the outdoorsy Raw Adventures and developmental Workshops. We believe that children learn most when they are interested and involved. Therefore, the All-Customised CAIE Programmes provides one-on-one content design according to students’ age, educational background, language level, interest, etc.. Here, every activity students are involved in is thoughtfully arranged and customised, encouraging our students to explore a tremendous variety of interests.

The curriculum at CAIE is unusual: It allows students to investigate subjects they’re not likely to encounter during the school year. Our courses aren’t for credit and are ungraded. They encourage students to step away from focusing on performance and evaluation and instead follow their passions and interests. An CAIE classroom is lively and active. Students are moving, designing projects, and challenging one another. Here, learning is captivating, challenging, and fun. Our range of activities in the programme give our youngest children the skills, experiences and learning opportunities they need to allow them to be creative, think critically and enhance their social skills, whilst in the care of our experienced staff. 


Programme Overview

Programme Location: Customised (UK, Europe, U.S.A., etc.)

Starting Dates: Customised

Programme Length: Customised (Typically from 1 week to 4 weeks)
Programme Content: Customised 

Accommodation: Half-board homestay provided in local Cambridge families

Level Required: Elementary to Advanced

Minimum Age: 1 (Accompanied by parent(s) if under 11)



1. Everything is customised to suit each student

As mentioned, in All-Customised CAIE Programmes, every detail is tailor-made including dates, length, and price of the programme. More than that, we make every endeavour to ensure students’ interest is developed, from various outdoor activities for sports lovers, singing and dancing clubs for artsy students, and even top-quality fashion programmes for potential designers.

To discover more about the essential elements of our customised educational experience, click on the right to see some examples. 


2. Children involve in authentic activities with local peers

A key component of the CAIE educational philosophy is that a sense of community is essential for meaningful learning to take place. This is true for all of our programmes, but is particularly pertinent when it comes to our All-Customised CAIE Programmes. 

Therefore, we encourage our students to get outside of their comfort zones, step into a local community and experience real British culture. We would carefully select student activities from our experienced UK partners, so children in our programme could play and learn alongside native English speakers through activities, workshops, and playing on the quad. These experiences outside the classroom often become some of the most influential learning moments, helping students build confidence and gain an international outlook. And in this way, our students take control of their own learning, exchanging language and culture fluidly with their peers. When we step back and let the inherent curiosity of their age group drive them, they make their own discoveries about language and culture through friendship and play.


3. English Immersion is an integral component

We believe that to truly learn a language, you have to be immersed in the culture where that language is spoken. That means living and learning with native speakers, exploring concepts through hands-on activities, and being in an environment where you can practice conversation without needing to be perfect. 

That’s why our curriculum is intentionally built upon a foundation of hands-on experiences and projects that hook students in, and that get them excited about being a part of the discovery. Then, as they begin work on a stop-motion animation film project, a sock puppet show, a baking project, or even paper-rocket making, they seek new language and vocabulary unique to the experience they are immersed in that will allow them to dive deeper into the material — and deeper into the English language. Here, language and play become intertwined, so that the understanding of language is deeper and more authentic to the lived experience of each student. Through the combination of community, culture, and play, learning English at CAIE becomes a truly authentic and impactful experience.

So our philosophy is to immerse students in the community where language is used as a vehicle that drives student engagement and unlocks discovery. This is English, CAIE-style. 


4. Safety comes first

To ensure safety, all activities in our All-Customised CAIE Programmes are Ofsted registered and therefore comply with all welfare and learning and development requirements. Not only can you rest assured that the staff caring for your children are fully vetted, but also our high standards are delivered during every activity for your peace of mind. The students are always in the hands of experienced staff and the welfare of the children in our care always takes priority.  


5. Parent(s) can join and make it a family experience!

As professional programme designers, we understand that more and more parents are eager to join their children’s trip and have some fun as a family together. So we welcome parents who wish to come along and have various local parents&child activities to arrange where the whole family could experience the authentic British culture and get the chance to communicate with local parents who are at similar age.

For those who hope to have an adult trip of their own, we can also customise activities catering for different needs, like some personal counseling services on investments in the UK or a school visit to learn more about the UK education system, etc..




Is your child football mad? Here at CAIE, we offer an exciting week of football coaching designed to give children essential skills to play like their football heroes. Our coaches are experienced, FA qualified and football-crazy. Their love of the beautiful game is infectious and they do all they can to help your child perfect passing, dribbling, attacking, defending and of course getting the ball in the back of the net! Each day your child will develop core skills and techniques before putting them into practice in a variety of matches and competitions. As well as skill development, our coaches generate a lively and fun atmosphere with chants and challenges, parents are strongly encouraged to join us on the final day to see your child showcase their skills. 


In All-Customised CAIE Programmes, we welcome all students with passion for drama/dance/singing to engage in a series of fun but structured programmes. Here, children would be able to learn from the original, largest and the best network of performing arts schools which would nurture and develop their potential through dance, drama and singing and help build confidence in presenting themselves to an audience. In our programme, children are invited to visit different workshops, working with a professional team to rehearse and perform for family and friends. Also, masterminded teachers would come to guide our young enthusiasts. 


Designing & Manufacturing

Would you like to make a product from beginning to end? Would you like to learn how to design, manufacture, advertise and develop creative flair? The CAIE programme will be split into two halves working with specialist teachers for two sessions each to do projects like a headphones wrap and wearable technology. The final day will be a choice of activities. Learn how to use design software and manufacturing equipment to see your designs made into reality on the laser cutter and vacuum former. This course is perfect for students wanting an understanding of design and manufacturing processes, as well as a chance to get creative and get your hands dirty! 

Journalism and the Media

What are the skills needed to become a successful journalist? Writing, interviewing and understanding your audience all play an important role. On this course you will learn about print and broadcast journalism, have a go at short-hand and learn the basics of broadcast interviewing, with the aim of producing your own radio feature or article for print. We also hope to visit a local media outlet and welcome some professional guest speakers from the media (print and broadcast). 



With the numerous cooking and baking shows encouraging young chefs to try their hand at various complex recipes, this course aims to give young people a chance to develop some everyday skills of their own to avoid those "throw your failed showstopper into the bin" moments. Each session will present a new and different recipe which will be worked through step by step with the tutor. The complexity of each recipe will vary every day so a range of recipes with differing preparation and cooking times are encountered. The final day will have a specific focus on afternoon tea, the ultimate British indulgence.