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1. Teachers for A-Level & (i)GCSE

Despite the pedigree of the traditional British education, many of the English-medium international schools outside the UK fail to live up to parental expectations in terms of the quality of outputs they generate. This is because the schools may very well have good systems but they usually fail to attract high enough quality teachers to implement the systems robustly. It is our firm belief that the most important part of the puzzle in establishing a British-Standard education outside the UK is the ability to recruit, induct and integrate high-quality British-Standard teachers.

Consequently, the most valuable contribution we will make would be to select, train and successfully develop the highest quality teachers.

We will select wisely using our extensive UK network of aspiring professional teachers and prepare them extensively before they leave the UK. And when these teachers start their work outside the UK, we would still follow and help continuously develop their abilities. So we could ensure that they are not just fulfilling the standards expected of them, but that they are also developing themselves personally while contributing to the pursuit of relentless excellence in all aspects of school life.

2. Teachers for general English

Besides A-Level & (i)GCSE teaching staff, teachers of general English could also be selected, supplied and developed with our vast connection in education industry in the UK.   


With the fast development of British education around the world, there is an increasing lack of local A-Level/(i)GCSE teachers outside the UK. And most schools now realise that their failure to translate the UK success into an international context lies in their neglect to develop teaching staff who are professional enough. 

Therefore, apart from supplying UK teachers, we are also offering customised training programmes for local A-Level/(i)GCSE teachers and schools. In these programmes, local teachers could be able to access various authentic education resources and efficient teaching methodologies used in the UK. More importantly, local teachers would have the chance of exchanging ideas with an A-Level/(i)GCSE expert and learning about all the essential points of the examinations, which would be truly valuable for their teaching.

As with supplied UK teachers, local A-Level/(i)GCSE teachers involved in our training would also be followed and guided continuously after the programmes finish. As a responsible and professional programme organiser, we hope our trainees are on the right track and are practicing what is taught in the programmes, which is the key for their teaching success.